Magical Andalusia

We recently spent a few days in Andalusia, more exactly in Marbella. It was planned to be a week for us, as a family. But we could not help ourselves, and we wandered a bit around, and this is the result. I did not had any major expectation, as with a 1.5 years old baby (he is actually a todler), you cannot plan too much, as you never know how what his mood will be: tired, hungry, sleepy, excited, etc. You just have to go with the flow, and make the most of it :)

My first thoughts after this trip is that Marbella is very commercial (except a small area in the old city), and you can see that it used to be a place for people with money (it's not anymore as they did not really managed to keep it at the old standards). I tried to capture what is outside of all this commercial spirit of Andalusia. And you still can find "magical" things :) For example, when we visited Ronda, we found a guy playing his guitar in Plaza Duquesa de Parcent. He was playing "Sound of silence" (Simon and Garfunkel). It was really magical! There is nothing better than listening to a Spanish guitar and enjoying a nice glass of wine!

PS: if you want to visit Alhambra, make our online reservation way ahead, at least 2 Months ahead, as the numbers of daily visitors is limited and you will not be able to enter.