Silviu Ivana Photography

Fine Art Photography



Husband and father, studied IT professional and hobby photographer. I am really passionate about fine art photography. I believe photography is a perfect way of capturing and illustrating the way I see the world, through the lenses of my camera. It's all about genuinely capturing people and places that bring up emotions in my life and sharing them to others. At the end, this is my passion :)



Wedding Photography

A collection of wedding shots from workshops and real weddings. I am looking to capture the best moments which carry most feelings throughout a wedding. I believe a wedding can carry an extreme variety of emotions from all the people involved. And I believe that a wedding is best remembered through the photos that capture these emotions.


Landscape and Architecture

Shooting Landscape and Architecture is a particular interest of mine. These photos aim to capture the atmosphere of each location, since great quality photos help make these more memorable.



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