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Magical winter

It's time to have a look back at this winter. For us, as a family, it was a beautiful one. We tried to combine activities that we could do together and be interesting and fun for all of us. We tried to keep our son as entertained as possible but do things that for us (the parents) would bring us joy. So this winter was mainly about sledging, winter walking and exploring new places. We managed to get to Unter Engadin (in kanton Graubünden) and we were pleasantly surprised by this region. By the architecture and by the landscape. It is just a question of when we go there again (ideally also in summer).

One of the "targets" for this winter was to go and see the Chalandamarz (one of the most beautiful traditions in Graubünden), but, unfortunately, it got cancelled due to the coronavirus. on the other side we were able to go and visit the Schellen Ursli museum. If you have a chance, read this story to your kids (specially if you love the mountains).

i hope that by these pictures you will be able to see a part of the beauty of winter in Switzerland :)

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