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A piece of Sardinia

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Sardinia will always have a special place in my and my family's hearts. And it's not only because of the beautiful beaches and the bluest and clearest water to swim in. I believe that we were lucky to find some wonderful people that made us feel welcome every time we went there.

It's the place full of nice memories for us, it's a place where the food and the drinks are just the perfect add-on to the beautiful landscapes. And the beauty is in the small details that enhance the overall experience.

For us, the beauty initially from the place where we stayed, a beautiful Agriturismo, with 2 very friendly owner and with perfect home made sardinian cuisine. And what a better way of enjoying this than under a 850 years old olive tree. And the fun, came from the fact that the dinner was served around a big table, so you had to engage in discussions with other guests. I think this a key part of the beauty when you go on vacations, that you meet new people.

And then it continues, with all the beautiful beaches (sometimes crowded - so choose wisely when you go there), with the perfect cup of coffee (or espresso) served at the bar with the view towards the bluest Mediterranean sea. Or when you go at the San Pantaleo market, and spend your time with locals and tourists, and cruise between all the small shops. And then you enjoy a nice snack at Hello Puglia (Puglia flavors in Sardinia - a bit expensive but we liked the food and the wine).

Ohh - I was about to forget the Gelati in Porto Rotondo or Porto Cervo where you can also enjoy a stunning sunset. I think I found the true meaning of "La dolce vita" :)

You will find below a few fine art shots from Sardinia, although it's impossible to reflect exactly and fully the beauty of it. But it's a part of it, and a piece of my heart.

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